Weber Grills: Reaching out to a New Audience 

THE ASSIGNMENT Increase Weber sales by targeting a new audience.

BRAND CONTEXT & PROBLEM Weber Grills, along with the rest of the grilling and charcoal category, has historically focused all of its campaigns on men.  However, in our research, we found that despite stereotypes and the fact that women aren't celebrated in advertising or in barbeque culture (think Guy Fieri), many women actually love to grill. According to Richard Wrangham, a biological anthropologist at Harvard University and author of Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human, the grill is known as 'the great equalizer' for its ability to unite everyone, regardless of gender, race, or class. 

METHODOLOGY Quantitative & qualitative secondary research, in-depth interviews with grillers and non-grillers, cook-out observation and interviews with grill enthusiasts.



TARGET About 1/3 of women in the US report that they grill 2+ times per week. Our campaign will target women aged 25-55 who own homes, like to entertain, and identify as adventurous, brave, and social. There is an opportunity to celebrate expert women grillers (the confident) as well as empower those that are hesitant about grilling (the curious).

INSIGHT Women grillers crave a voice but have been held back by preconceived notions that grilling is a man's job.

STRATEGY Expose women as the real grill lovers.

CREATIVE CONCEPT Come out of the kitchen.




We chose some of the nation's top women grillers to compete on the first-ever all-women grill team. The Weber Warriors will travel across the country for a national grill-out, where they'll share tips and recipes with women interested in grilling. During the event, people will be able to show their pride by creating their own grilling concoctions and recipes and instagramming the final product with the hashtag #outofthekitchen to get their photos featured on the big screen and win Weber grills + promotional items.

SOCIAL: #outofthekitchen campaign


TEAM Sta'Sean Ridley (CBM), Cary Arberg (ST), Lexi Kafkis (AD), Pat Newman (CW)