For my masters' thesis project, I dove deep into the travel and hospitality industry, developing a strategy to make the Ritz-Carlton's rewards program preferred among elite millennial travelers (as well as recommendations for rethinking the overall customer experience) and presenting my findings and recommendations in an hour-long presentation to Ritz-Carlton and professors/advisors at the VCU Brandcenter. I can't divulge any specifics about the project, but the deliverables entailed:

  • Research and competitive analysis of hotels, the travel industry, and loyalty programs

  • Qualitative/quantitative primary research including a focus group and surveys

  • Target market analysis (Young Luxury Traveler)

  • Loyalty Program Positioning & Strategy

  • Rewards Program Initiatives (Recommendations for reward structure, guest experience programs, mobile app development)

  • Communication Recommendations (messaging and media) for rewards program

  • Performance Measurement Plan: Goals/KPIs (lifetime value, retention goals, revenue goals, etc)