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Dyson: Product Innovation and Launch

THE ASSIGNMENT  Redesign a foreign product and introduce it to the US market.

PROBLEM More than 63 million Americans stuffer from gastrointestinal diseases, and medical experts have confirmed that the natural position can alleviate symptoms of many of these diseases. Makeshift alternatives to western toilets such as the Squatty Potty are becoming popular, but there's no permanent or elegant solution. 

SOLUTION We decided to use the Dyson brand for its focus on innovation and forward-thinking designs. We develop a concept and name (the Darwin) for a permanent-solution squatting toilet to the US. Building off of designs by British industrial designer Peter Codling, we came up with a plan to redesign and launch this new innovation.

TARGET Our target is early adopters and those who have an affinity for innovation. Purchasing a toilet is a large investment, so we will make sure we focus on people who are remodeling, purchasing a new home, or who ‘flip' houses. For this reason, our channels include home design and improvement magazines, home improvement TV Networks, interior and home design websites, and platforms like Houzz and Pinterest. These early adopters are:

  • Critical, share their opinion, and value the chance to provide feedback
  • Fiends for the new as forward-thinking individuals that believe there is always room for improvement.
  • Curious, adventurous, and like to display knowledge and status that comes with being the first to adopt a new product or way of thinking
  • Highly educated and likely to be interested in design, technology, and ergonomics.

STRATEGY Show that disruption takes place through human-centric innovation.

CREATIVE CONCEPT Design is a process of natural selection.




Placed in digital magazines Architectural Digest and Dwell, Houzz website, HGTV.



These point of purchase displays would be located in pop-up shops as well as home improvement stores. 


TEAM Adeel Shams (CBM), Natalia Estrada (ST), Lindsay Cecero (AD), Boris Opacic (AD), Pat Newman (CW)